If you have symptoms compatible with COVID-19 (cough, fever, sore throat, diarrhea, loss of smell), stay at home for at least 48 hours to watch for symptoms. After this 48 hour period, contact us by email or phone before making an appointment with us.

If necessary and on medical prescription, we can send you to one of the laboratories to do the test to detect the virus: Picken Doheem, Ketterthill in Bettembourg or Drive-In in Bascharage.

The ministry recommends auto-isolation: Auto-isolation applies to people who have symptoms of illness compatible with COVID-19 but whose infection is not confirmed. They should stay home for 7 days from the onset of symptoms and avoid contact with other people if possible. Once the symptoms have disappeared, they must stay at home for 24 more hours.

If, despite auto-isolation, you have questions regarding your state of health, call us or contact us by email. If necessary, we can redirect you to one of the Centre de Soins Avancés (Rockhal, Luxexpo), where you can benefit from a consultation. Do not go on your own initiative to our waiting room.

The ministry recommends auto-quarantine : The auto-quarantine applies to people who have had intimate contact or who live in the same household as a person who is confirmed to be infected. They must stay at home during seven days counting from the day of the confirmed diagnosis. During this period, contact with other people should be avoided. During the seven days following a self-quarantine, self-monitoring should be carried out.

and auto-monitoring : Auto-monitoring lasts 14 days and applies to people who are likely to have been infected with the virus through contact with a sick person. The purpose of auto-monitoring is to detect symptoms of infection as soon as they appear. The person under auto-monitoring measures his or her temperature twice a day and makes sure there are no breathing problems or coughing. During auto-monitoring, normal activities can be continued.

Here is a link that answers a lot of questions:

The form to request the leave for family reasons is on the CNS website:

Do not hesitate to call 8002 8080 for additional information. 112 is only for urgent cases, eg respiratory distress.

Individuals are considered vulnerable if they are over 65 years of age or if they are already suffering from one of the conditions mentioned hereafter: Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, Cancer, an immune deficiency due to a condition or therapy.